Overview & Highlights

  • Innovative EV charging company serving homes and businesses.
  • Installation, monitoring, reporting and maintenance all in one
  • Compatible with all plug-in vehicle brands.
  • Experienced team who have worked with some of the world's largest brands including Sky, BT and PWC.

E Faraday believe in a better way to deliver EV charging. They saw people and businesses switching to electric vehicles, but knew there must be a cleverer approach to the management of multiple charge points, especially when it came to fleet management and workplace charging - and that's how the company was born. The name ‘E Faraday’ is inspired by one of the most influential British scientific discoverers in history, Michael Faraday (1791-1867). Faraday revolutionised the world with his curiosity and relentlessness that led to his discovery of electromagnetic induction. It is largely due to his efforts that electricity became practical for technological use and without him, we'd still have no choice but to burn fossil fuels for energy.

£249,000 raised

£225,000 target

According to the latest vehicle stats, the EV market is booming. Electric passenger car sales increased by 186% in 2020 and today there are an estimated 400,000 electric cars (EVs) on the road in the UK and more than 750,000 plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) (source: www.gov.uk) The growth of the EV market is expected to accelerate in the coming years as the UK prepares itself for the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales.

All those PHEVs are going to require somewhere to charge, and although there are multiple providers in this space, what sets E Faraday apart is their sustainable, economical approach. They provide installation, monitoring, reporting and maintenance all in one for both home, public and commercial applications. They offer 24/7 support, notifications of charging point availability and status, fault detection, engineer availability within 4hrs and insights on a vehicle’s carbon footprint. 


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