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When it comes to ESG and Impact Reporting, many companies are overwhelmed by the volume of existing standards, frameworks and requirements. The majority are designed to ‘data scrape’ or are complex, expensive and related to single issues. It’s no wonder many companies struggle to provide stakeholders and investors with verification of their sustainability.

The Sustainability Group’s SaaS platform, FuturePlus, asks companies to complete evaluation across five themes: Climate, Environment, Diversity and Inclusion and Economic and Social Impact. There are approx 200 indicators for micro and small businesses and over 280 for medium to large organisations. These indicators are researched and adapted from a wide variety of sources, including internationally recognised frameworks, standards and regulations. When completed, organisations receive both a score of their current standing and a dynamic Ambition score of their pledged intent, providing transparency and accountability to organisations and their stakeholders.  All indicators are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and companies also receive a FuturePlus sustainability report and roadmap as well as  ongoing expert advice to help progress and improve.



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  • FuturePlus is The Sustainability Group’s sustainability self-management platform.
  • It allows companies of all sizes (particularly SMEs) to measure, evidence, substantiate and manage sustainability and social impact. 
  • Target market is SMEs (99% of all businesses in the UK are SMEs.) Increasingly they need to manage and communicate their sustainability to stakeholders, including customers, employees and investors
  • Already 86 active subscriptions, including Soho House Group, Grind Coffee, DLA Piper, The England Cricket Board and Oxwash, with a further pipeline of over 150 
  • Targeting £5.4m revenue by 2024/25
  • Raising funds for marketing, team expansion and product development. 

The Team

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Founders Mike Penrose and Alexandra Smith bring considerable relevant experience to their roles at The Sustainability Group. Mike has spent 25 years in humanitarian work, including as Executive Director of UNICEF UK, and was an expert advisor to the UN SDSN team in the completion of the UN SDGs Indicators.  Alex’s previous roles as Commercial Director of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and with the Sustainable Restaurant Association have led to a partnership that brings commercial, impact and finance experience together.  


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