Vala Sustainable Growth EIS

Investing in innovative companies with potential to make an impact on sustainability challenges.

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Fund overview

The Vala Sustainable Growth EIS lets investors build a portfolio of shares in companies that are aiming to make a real contribution to the world's sustainability challenges.
We believe there has never been a better time to invest in sustainable innovation. A combination of emergent technologies, consumer trends and political pressure is creating massive growth opportunities.
Start-ups that are creating ways for us all to live more sustainably will have the opportunity to achieve scale very rapidly. And the bigger they grow, the bigger their impact on society and the environment will be.
Target return
Diverse portfolio
6 to 10 companies
Deployment period
12 months +
Holding period
At least 5 years
Minimum subscription
EIS Advanced Assurance
Secured before share purchase

Investment themes

Technology for planetary health

Innovations in energy production, consumption and storage. Reducing energy and resources used in manufacturing and industrial processes. Producing more food from less land, without recourse to unsustainable farming methods.

Sustainable consumerism

Helping consumers make informed, sustainable choices. Improving recyclability and reducing waste. Making products that last longer.

Fairer access to social goods

Improving access to education. Helping people to access capital and break down barriers to economic participation. New ways to meet basic human needs, including food, water and sanitation.

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