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Building a start-up from scratch isn’t easy, and your talent and a great idea will only get you so far.

At Vala Capital, we’re looking for ambitious founders ready to take the most important step in their company’s growth journey, and know they require more than capital to get there.

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If you think your idea fits how we work and what we're looking for, we'd love to hear from you. Please share some information with our team and we'll get back to you to set up an intro call.

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Why Vala?




Sustainable venture




Working with Vala has been an absolute joy. Rather than it just being a company that gives us money, they work with us to help us achieve our goals. It’s been a really, really positive experience

Paul Rostand,
Great British Biscotti Company


Ready to start your sustainability journey? Our capital is conditional on it

Start-ups need company structuring, product development, legal advice, talent, marketing and lots more besides. But its about what they give back as well as what they put in. We work with companies who are as passionate about sustainability as we are - and our capital is conditional on it.


Growth is a mindset

We know, because it’s our mindset too. We recognise the challenges early-stage businesses face, because we’ve faced them head-on ourselves. We’ve been building successful businesses across multiple sectors for decades. Now we can apply this hard-won wisdom to support the growth of your business.


The funding sweet spot

We provide funding at the stage where we believe it will make the biggest impact, all the way from seed-stage to Series A. We focus on the technology, food and drink and travel and leisure sectors, as well as companies finding sustainable solutions to life’s challenges.


Unlock your
start-up’s potential

If you’re a founder looking for much more than capital, we'd love to hear from you. Tell us about your proposition and where you want to get to. If we think it’s what we’re looking for, we’ll get back to you about taking the next step.


You’re not on your own

Founders have a unique set of characteristics, and we know sometimes it can be a very isolated place. At Vala, we’re not just a VC house, we’re an ecosystem of entrepreneurial-minded people. Together we can help you deal with the challenges you face

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