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Sustainable venture builders.

Welcome to Vala Capital.
We give innovative start-ups the
foundations to transform their ideas
and potential into profitable, sustainable businesses.

About us
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Building investor value

We construct portfolios of companies capable of achieving outstanding returns for investors who care about sustainability.

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Born to build

We provide founders with the capital
and hands-on support to help shape
the success stories of the future, with sustainable practices baked-in.


FlexSea are redefining bioplastics with a sustainable, seaweed-derived biomaterial.

HonuWorx is a subsea robotics company with sustainability and restoration at its heart.

Sennen provides software for renewable energy market leaders such as EDF and London Array, putting data at the heart of their asset management strategy.

Sust Global is helping some of the world's leading companies protect against, mitigate and reduce the risk and threat of climate change.

Oxwash expertly cleans your clothes, without dirtying the planet - their space-age washing service is disrupting the antiquated laundry industry.

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Our portfolio

What we do

We’re in the business of building and growing exceptional start-ups. We don’t just provide capital, we supply the creative insight, experience and network for founders to realise their growth ambitions. Sustainability is baked into our due diligence process; we want to work with founders who share our vision for a more sustainable future - in fact, our capital is contingent on it.

Why we invested in Flex-Sea

We produce over 380 million tonnes of plastic waste a year - and although alternatives are being developed, FlexSea can stake their claim to being truly sustainable.

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Why we invested in Datatecnics

Water is often seen as a relatively unloved part of the environmental cause – especially in the UK – it […]

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Making capital contingent on change: 
The Vala Sustainability Manifesto

Climate change and sustainability are the most important topics in the investment world today. But real change only happens when consumers […]

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Why we invested in Sennen

The tragic events in Ukraine are taking a volatile and explosive global energy predicament and throwing them into the fire. […]

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