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The sustainable venture builders

Welcome to Vala Capital.
We give innovative start-ups the
foundations to transform their ideas
and potential into profitable, sustainable businesses.

About us
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Building investor value

We construct portfolios of companies
capable of achieving outstanding
returns for investors who care about sustainability.

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Born to build

We provide founders with the capital
and hands-on support to help shape
the success stories of the future, with sustainable practices baked-in.


The UK’s leading online sustainable supermarket - helping everyone shop more sustainably by bringing sustainable products to customers cheaper than mainstream supermarkets, with net-zero emissions deliveries and zero waste products.

Developing engaging games and video content, accessed via smart TVs and mobile messaging platforms.

The future of Home Care Products; waterless, low toxicity and highly sustainable concentrate formulas delivered with zero-waste, circular packaging

The first self serve low cost benefits platform for the self employed and small and medium businesses

Innovative marine vessels and a pioneering ownership model focused on sustainability and protecting our oceans.

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Our portfolio

What we do

We’re in the business of building and growing exceptional start-ups. We don’t just provide capital, we supply the creative insight, experience and network for founders to realise their growth ambitions. Sustainability is baked into our due diligence process; we want to work with founders who share our vision for a more sustainable future.

Why we invested
in Good Club

The investment world is slowly coming around to the idea that good business and good values can go hand-in-hand. Good Club, the newest addition to the Vala portfolio, is a great example of a company making this look obvious.

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Building Back Better – why we invested in QFlow

It’s widely acknowledged that the construction sector has lagged others when it comes to both digitalisation and sustainability accounting. Qflow […]

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Why we invested in Homethings

Homethings is already disrupting the homecare product market with its sustainable waterless and resuable packaging solutions – less than a […]

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