From bespoke adventures to mobile phone games – our next investment tranche.

Building next-generation marine vessels; solving land ownership puzzles with Artificial Intelligence; improving gut health with high-fibre foods; helping games developers reach an audience of 1.25 billion – introducing the next group of companies getting ready for investment from the Vala EIS Portfolio.

One of the things that makes the Vala EIS Portfolio different is how quickly we aim to get the money we raise invested into companies.

Some EIS portfolio services invest in companies one at a time, drip-feeding investors with contract notes and EIS3 certificates over a period of 12 months or longer. And at the point of subscription, the client has little or no sight of the companies into which their money will be invested.

We take a different approach. The Vala EIS Portfolio works by regularly closing tranches, usually every three to six months, completing investments into a number of companies over a concentrated period of a few days.

This means an investor’s capital is deployed into a portfolio of EIS companies soon after subscribing. It also means our investors are not buying into a black box – we can give them a good idea of the companies being considered for investment, before they decide to apply.

The companies provisionally selected for investment in our next tranche are going through our due diligence process. You can see videos about two of them below, and you can read more here.


PlayWorks is a games development company focused on producing titles for mobile messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger. The company also runs a social networking games agency and a TV games platform in partnership with Samsung, LG, Free, Roku and others.


Arksen is developing a unique range of semi-autonomous explorer vessels for pleasure, research and commercial purposes capable of operating even in the world’s harshest environments.

The company launched its brand and showcased designs for its first vessels at the Dusseldorf boat show in January 2019 and generated significant press attention, including an article in Forbes. Its potential order book now stands at around £40m, subject to the company completing a prototype vessel scheduled to be finished in June 2020.


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