Our next tranche of EIS investments will complete before the end of this tax year.

Pioneering marketing technology, bespoke travel adventures, a classic British marine heritage brand, and more. Meet the companies our EIS Portfolio is investing in before 5th April 2020, giving eligible investors the chance to carry back tax reliefs to 2018/19.

The Vala EIS Portfolio regularly closes investment tranches, usually every three to six months. Each tranche involves completing investments into a number of companies over a concentrated period of a few days.

We developed this tranche-based approach first-and-foremost because we often prefer to release capital to our portfolio companies gradually. Rather than providing funding in a single one-off transaction, we agree an overall level of commitment with each company, with an approximate timetable for releasing the funds. Each tranche provides us with an opportunity to review the progress of the companies against agreed commercial milestones, before releasing further finance.

But the tranche-based approach also brings benefits for our investors. It means that an investor’s capital is deployed into a portfolio of EIS companies soon after subscribing, with EIS3 certificates (the paperwork needed to claim tax reliefs) often following just a few months later. Furthermore, investing in this way means our investors are not buying into a black box – we can give them a good idea of the companies being considered for investment, before they decide to apply.

Our next investment tranche is coming up soon, giving investors an opportunity to build a portfolio of EIS investments before the end of the current tax year. All of the companies are already trading businesses, so we can start the EIS3 application process as soon as the investments complete. The video below gives a flavour of the companies we like to invest in, and you can read more detail about the tranche here.


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