The who, what and how of Vala’s Sustainable Growth EIS

For professional advisers only:

In order to help provide advisers with all they need for understanding and recommending Vala’s Sustainable Growth EIS to their clients, Vala is offering three short CPD-qualifying webinars over the coming weeks.  The webinars will provide an overview of the features of the Sustainable Growth EIS; an introduction to some of the prospective portfolio companies; and how we measure and report the progress these companies are making.

You can register using the following links:

1. Tuesday 30th November, 9.30am – 30 mins CPD – Sustainable Growth EIS overview 

James Faulkner, Cofounder of Vala Capital, gives an overview of the who, what, how and when of investing through Vala’s Sustainable Growth EIS:

2. Tuesday 7th December, 9.30am – 30 mins CPD – The Portfolio Companies

Jonathon Spanos, Head of Venture Investments at Vala Capital, gives an overview of some of the prospective portfolio companies for the latest tranche of Vala’s Sustainable Growth EIS; how Vala evaluates the businesses and why they’re excited about them:

3. Tuesday 14th December, 9.30am – 30 mins CPD – Ongoing Monitoring of the Portfolio Companies. 

The Sustainability Group join Vala Capital as they look at how they measure and monitor the financial progress of the Sustainable Growth EIS portfolio companies, as well as, crucially, their impact and commitment to sustainability:

We hope to see you there.

James Faulkner, Co-Founder, Vala Capital.


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