Overview & Highlights

  • Innovative, sustainability focused marine adventure company
  • Designed and developed range of four unique vessels
  • Strong sales pipeline, with first two of Arksen’s flagship 85 luxury explorer vessels already sold
  • Inspiring and diverse team including world-record breaking adventurers, successful entrepreneurs, and experienced engineers
  • Raising funds for expansion of sales team, marketing and further product development
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Arksen is transforming the marine industry through unique vessel design and ownership models and its focus on sustainability and social philanthropy to support marine research and ocean recovery. It builds beautiful explorer vessels, able to navigate the most challenging environments, and provides owners access to unique marine experiences.  

£243,000 raised

£223,000 target

The global leisure boat market is growing, forecast to reach $23.6bn by 2027*. These are expensive assets, often inefficiently used, with high ownership costs and a heavy ecological footprint. Arksen offers an alternative solution: 

-unique designs that combine exceptional luxury and utility, built using sustainable materials 

-low carbon footprint and ownership models designed to lower ownership costs and increase utilisation for private and scientific use 

Arksen has designed a fleet of four new vessel models, the first of which, the flagship Arksen 85, has two vessels in production, both of which have already been sold with a combined value in excess of £13m.  It operates an ‘experiential ownership’ model, combining vessel ownership (as an individual or a syndicate) with adventure, science and philanthropy:

-through the Arksen Explorers Club, owners can experience marine adventures run by some of the world’s best-known explorers. 

-through Arksen Philanthropy, they can help to support cutting-edge scientific research encourage a greater understanding of our oceans.

Founder Jasper Smith is a successful entrepreneur with a love of sailing and adventure. COO, Ewan Hind, is a qualified chartered engineer, naval architect and yacht captain. Dominic Byrne, Sales and Marketing Director, has worked in a variety of high-end marine businesses around the world. Arksen Explorers Club is run by Olly Hicks, a British ocean rower and explorer. He holds three world records for adventure and is best known for his solo ocean rows and extreme kayak voyages. The team is growing, with recent recruits in marketing, sales and project management. 

This round of funding will help to fund further expansion and accelerate Arksen’s strong growth path. 


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