Trading Date

December 2018


Suhayl Zulfiquar

Vala Team

Jonathon Spanos

Jake Wombwell-Povey


Sustainable Growth EIS

Datatecnics provide AI tools for prediction of civil and water infrastructure failure

Datatecnics generate unique datasets and empower their clients with unprecedented knowledge of the health of their infrastructure so that they can accurately forecast asset lifetimes, prevent downtime and ensure budgets are deployed in the most efficient manner possible. They're experts in the design and delivery of IoT systems to digitise the infrastructure of large utility and energy customers.

By designing their own hardware, from the ground-up, they're able to transform assets with digital capabilities to produce high-quality, high-resolution data, and in turn drive unmatched predictions on asset performance and health.


Vala have taken the time to deliver on an investment thesis which genuinely supports tech founders in the sustainability space through a process which is clear, unobstructive and respects founders’ efforts.

Suhayl Zulfiquar