April 2021


Carlo Fedeli

Thibaut Monfort-Micheo

Vala Team

Lian Michelson

Jonathon Spanos


Sustainable Growth EIS

FlexSea are redefining bioplastics with a sustainable, seaweed-derived biomaterial.

FlexSea's vision is to open the world's eyes to possibilities beyond plastic, because the majority of it is single use, ending up in oceans and water systems around the world. Their groundbreaking seaweed-derived biomaterial is sourced from nature, serves its purpose, and then returns to nature in a harmless way.

Proving that bioplastics don't have to be a downgrade in packaging quality or competitiveness, FlexSea’s proprietary technology enables creation of a seaweed-derived bioplastic with high-quality characteristics:

- Decomposes in just 8-12 Weeks
- Ingredients Government approved for consumption
- Heat-sealable, flexible film packaging
- Patent pending technology
- No waste in production stream
- Highly transparent

FlexSea has a broad range of applications such as cosmetic and textile packaging, and is particularly suitable for the packaging of dry food items such as rice, pasta, grains, biscuits and nuts. Its excellent water vapour and oxygen barrier properties will ensure that the contents will remain safe and fresh for up to 4 months.


The knowledge and connections in the sustainability space that Vala brings made it the perfect partner for a young startup like us, looking to grow and deliver quickly.

Carlo Fedeli, Co-Founder