Josh Gilbert, CEO

Gopal Erinjippurath, CTO

Vala Team

Jake Wombwell-Povey

Jonathon Spanos


Sustainable Growth EIS

Sust Global is helping some of the world's leading companies protect against, mitigate and reduce the risk and threat of climate change.

Sust Global's cloud-based data platform helps its customers, who include leading financial data providers, financial services firms and corporates, to better understand climate risk by using a 'geospatial first' approach to transform climate models. Ultimately this means that its customers can make more informed decisions as to the climate risk associated with their decisions and the assets that they might own. Sust Global’s approach is novel in its integration of multiple geospatial datasets. Its product integrates historic and near real-time data from satellites and ground-based sensors, coupled with forward-looking global climate models, using novel statistics and deep learning techniques.


Working with Vala has been simple, transparent and collaborative. They quickly understood our vision and our business challenges, provided us with great advice, and gave us access to their extensive network of contacts.

Alastair MacGregor
Chief Operating Officer