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Llewellyn Kinch

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Sustainable Growth EIS

Switchd, through, shows consumers the impact of different green products on their wallet and carbon footprint.

The team has already proven their operational expertise by building MakeMyHouseGreen into a scalable tech enabled platform. And it comes as no surprise, as co-founders Llewellyn Kinch (CEO) and Thomas Rogers (CTO) met while working as consultants at Newton Europe, a data-driven operational consultancy, where they honed their skills in optimising and automating operations.

MakeMyHouseGreen addresses three key problems facing homeowners when it comes to the adoption of renewable energy. Firstly, homeowners have difficulty accessing impartial and data-driven personalised advice on what green solutions are suitable for their homes. Secondly, the current installation market is fragmented and operationally challenging, making it difficult to deliver installations smoothly, at scale, and profitably. Lastly, individual homeowners find it challenging to extract post-installation grid-balancing benefits.

MakeMyHouseGreen's platform solves these problems through proprietary data-driven modelling, an automated in-house platform, and a network of quality independent installers. The platform aggregates thousands of homes with the grid to maximise benefits and cost savings.

With rapid growth to over £6.5m in annual sales, a long waitlist of customers, and exciting partnerships with Nationwide Building Society, Santander, Wickes, and others, MakeMyHouseGreen is poised for success.