Why we invested in MODA

At Vala Capital, we back companies with big ambition and a demonstrable ongoing commitment to sustainability, which is why we’re delighted to announce our investment into MODA Industries, a visionary company that is reshaping the adventure travel landscape.  MODA produces a portfolio of world-leading adventure vehicles while embracing sustainability throughout its business model.

At its core, MODA designs and builds vehicles which reshape adventure travel.  Initially this means a portfolio of classic Land Rover’s and Mercedes Unimogs which have been reimagined through a ground up rebuild and upgraded with the very latest technology, including EV capabilities, to cope with the most demanding environments giving their owners the confidence to explore  off-grid, in some comfort.

In the pipeline, MODA are also developing an exciting modular electric adventure motorcycle concept with potential to disrupt the market, and a number of innovations in the camper space.

Ultimately the vision is to have three revenue pillars to the business:

1. Vehicle sales – MODA will design, build, and sell its growing range of adventure vehicles, both as MODA and in white label brand partnerships to access established and growing adventure communities.
2. Adventure Travel – MODA will augment the product offering by curating, designing and operating the finest adventure travel experiences, alongside multiple partners.
3. The Syndicate / Club – A shared ownership and membership model, which will allow customers to participate in a broader range of adventure assets to better suit their specific requirements.

Market Drivers

The Adventure Market is Changing: Adventure isn’t just about scaling mountains or diving into uncharted waters; it’s also about pushing boundaries and embracing innovation. This is precisely why the adventure market is an enticing investment area. As the world becomes more interconnected, the demand for curated, sustainable and luxury adventure experiences is on the rise.

Rising Demand for Adventure Travel: Adventure Travel is expected to grow threefold in the coming years and the intersection between adventure, luxury and eco-travel is both drawing in a new cohort of adventurer, and inspiring seasoned travellers to explore further. People are seeking transformative journeys that not only provide them with a new perspective on the world but also align with their values and aspirations.

Increased Focus on Sustainability: With increasing awareness about environmental issues, customers are seeking more sustainable options. MODA Industries’ focus on sustainability, including the upcycling of older vehicles, retrofitting them with electric drivetrains and having already signed up to the FuturePlus™ platform, positions them well to tap into the growing demand for environmentally conscious adventures.

Technological Advancements: The integration of advanced technology, including the electric drivetrains and smart features, is transformative. The proprietary technology that MODA Industries fits is enabling customers to travel further, to more remote destinations, survive off grid for longer and all in greater comfort that has traditionally been possible.

Cultural Shift towards Experiences: A cultural shift towards valuing experiences over material possessions is contributing to the growth of adventure travel within the high-net-worth community. MODA Industries’ vehicles provide a platform for creating unforgettable memories and transformative experiences, aligning with this broader societal trend.


Behind every great business lies a team who bring their expertise, passion, and creativity to life. MODA Industries is no exception, boasting a team with over 30 years of collective industry experience, honing their skills and knowledge to now deliver the most capable adventure vehicles on the planet. The team has taken the time to understand the aspirations and preferences of adventurers, translating that learning into vehicles that provide not just transportation but the ability to provide transformative experiences.

As well as the core team, MODA Industries has also handpicked a group of world class contractors and technical build partners to deliver vehicles at pace. The team’s capability and experience is then further enhanced through an advisory board of seasoned and successful entrepreneurs providing challenge and support alongside governance. All of this together means that a world class, complementary team is driving this business forward, which will be vital to its future success.


In the dynamic world of investment every now and then an opportunity arises that demonstrates not just financial promise but also encapsulates the spirit of innovation and the thrill of adventure, which has always been part of our DNA at Vala Capital.

MODA Industries’ mission of being a change agent who grow and shape the adventure vehicle and experiences market, while activating a new ecological movement, is one we are wholeheartedly on board with.  The combination of strong market drivers, industry leading in-house expertise, early stage traction, and clearly defined commercial and sustainability ambition, make this business a wonderful addition to the Vala portfolio. We look forward to seeing what the future holds!

Jasper Smith, Founder, Vala Capital


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