Trading Date

February 2017


Barn Cleave

Vala Team

Jasper Smith

Jonathon Spanos


Better Ventures EIS

Building shared 3D spaces

CanVERSE are an innovative software company that build shared 3D spaces, allowing collaboration and interaction within an entirely artificial, but incredibly realistic, environment. Content can be created with a blend of different techniques:

New - CanVERSE's team of artists and developers can create new content or refine what’s already available, whether that is with 2D images or simply an idea.
CAD - Computer-Aided Design data can be translated into a real-time renderable mesh, to create the content’s shape.
AI - Materials, the skin of a model, can be created from photos, drawings or images with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

The possibilities for application are virtually endless, and recent successes include exhilarating gaming environments and detailed 'digital twins' of marine explorer vessels.