Trading Date

October 2020


John Swingewood

Jeremy Fenn

Peter Cavanagh

Vala Team

Jasper Smith

Jonathon Spanos


Sustainable Growth EIS

Better Ventures EIS

eFaraday are the smart EV charging company - serving homes and businesses throughout the UK.

eFaraday provides sustainable and economical EV charging solutions that don’t cost, or damage, the Earth. Formed to do more than just install EV points, eFaraday provides a premium EV charge point installation and management service that leads the way in terms of efficiency and customer service response times.

They saw people and businesses switching to electric vehicles, but knew there must be a better way to manage multiple charge points, especially when it came to fleet management and workplace charging. They provide solutions for home, public and commercial EV charging and are passionate about driving us all towards a low carbon future. Customers receive 24/7 support, notifications of charge point availability and status, system diagnostics, fault detection, engineer availability within 4hrs and insights on their vehicle’s carbon footprint - putting them fully in charge.